StarUML 2.0.0 Official Release (Out of Beta)

We’re so glad to announce official release of StarUML 2. StarUML v2.0.0 is now available for download. This release includes the following features and fixed issues.

HTML Docs Generation

Now you can export your model file to HTML Docs by selecting File > Export > HTML Docs… menu. The generated HTML docs can be shared with other people who are not using StarUML and can be published on the Web.

스크린샷 2014-12-29 오전 11.00.39

Default Colors for UML Elements

Many people tend to assign different colors to different type of UML elements. For example, white for Classes and blue for Enumeration. Now you can set the default color of each UML element in Preference Dialog.

스크린샷 2014-12-29 오전 11.08.28

Auto Backup

StarUML makes a backup your working model file automatically at every 5 minutes. If StarUML terminated unexpectedly, the backup file will be restored when you restarted.

Word wrap for Note and Text

Word wrap is now applicable for Note and Text views. By default, word wrap is on but if you want to off the wrap word, uncheck Format > Word Wrap menu.

스크린샷 2014-12-29 오전 11.32.10

Space Equally, Horizontally and Vertically

Now you can align selected views space equally both horizontally and vertically. To align space equally horizontally or vertically, select Format > Alignment > Space Equally, Horizontally or Format > Alignment > Space Equally, Vertically.

The detailed resolved issues can be found at Release Note.

2 responses to “StarUML 2.0.0 Official Release (Out of Beta)”

  1. Just installed the app on my Mac to try it out and discovered that you have not registered the app with Apple. While I can get around this with a security exception you should consider registering the app to avoid the need to add the exception.

    1. Thank you for informing. We will consider signing the app properly.

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