StarUML 2.0.0-beta5 Release

StarUML v2.0.0-beta5 is now available for download. This release includes the following features and fixed issues.

New User Interface

Now, StarUML has completely new user interface inspired from modern Flat-style UIs. To implement UI, we used some parts of open sources such as Adobe Topcoat and Brackets. We hope you like this new style of UI.

스크린샷 2014-07-31 오후 3.44.49
Main Window
스크린샷 2014-07-31 오후 4.11.05
Preference Dialog

Changes in Menu

There are many changes in Menu. First, “Diagram” menu was removed and “View” menu was added because we want to keep simplicity and consistency with previous version. Detailed menu changes are described in following:

  • Close Diagram, Close Other Diagrams, and Close All Diagrams menu items moved to “View” menu
  • Zoom In, and Zoom Out menu items moved to “View” menu.
  • Layout (Diagram) menu item moved to “Format” menu.
  • Export Diagram As menu item was moved to “File” menu.
  • Actual Size and Show Grid menu was added in “View” menu.
  • Next Diagram and Previous Diagram was added in “View” menu.
  • Show/Hide Views (Sidebar, Navigator, StatusBar, Toolbar) menu items were added in “View” menu.

The detailed resolved issues can be found at Release Note.

6 responses to “StarUML 2.0.0-beta5 Release”

  1. Hi Minkyu Lee,
    What will be the business model of StarUML 2?
    This is not an opensource, isn’t it?
    Thank you

  2. At this time, it’s not yet determined.
    To get some hint, please read the thread about license model in our forum.!topic/staruml/7WUxswtrP24
    Thanks for your interesting.

    1. Thank you for the info. Any idea when the beta release will end up? during 2015? later?

      1. It’s so hard to say when. But we’re try to finish up in the end of this year.

  3. Hi, it is nice to see that StarUML comes for OS X! Is it possible now to generate C-code from models?

    1. Thank you for using StarUML. C is not yet supported. If many users want to support C, then we will consider it with higher priority. 🙂

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