StarUML 2 Beta Release (v2.0.0-beta1)


We’re so happy to announce StarUML 2 Beta release. The first version of StarUML have been used in more than a hundred of countries and exceeded more than 3 millions of downloads. However, the project was stopped because the main sponsor of the project was closed at long time ago.

Many users have been expect that the project is being continued, developed and maintained. So, the original developers had decided to develop new version of StarUML and quit their jobs to focus on the development. We chosen the modern Web technologies (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript) to develop new version instead of using legacy Delphi source codes. At this time, we couldn’t find any sponsors so we can’t avoid to commercialize this product in order to develop, maintain, and support users. We promise provision at very low price (similar price level of Text Editor) compared to other products. The previous version of StarUML is no more maintained, but you can still download and use it even in the future.

Thank you for using StarUML and please keep your interest.

Minkyu Lee, Ph.D.


14 responses to “StarUML 2 Beta Release (v2.0.0-beta1)”

  1. StarUML is no longer OpenSource ? Is it using a cross platform toolkit such as Qt ?

    1. Yes, as I mentioned in this article, it is not open source. We used HTML5 technologies and Chromium rather than Qt.

      1. David Demelier Avatar
        David Demelier

        It was not mentioned in the article that is is not open source. Just commercial. Anyway I will stick with StarUML 1 until I find something else open source. Good luck.

  2. It is great to see that you are developing a new version. I especially like that it runs on OS X. Thanks!

  3. Thanks, this release is very timely for me. It works very well. Much appreciated.

  4. Hi Mr.Lee, how do i open an existing star UML file made on windows on my MAC using star UML beta.

    1. It does not load all units and the only way it allows me to do it is through import uml file option.

      1. Units are not supported. Please merge them into a single file before import.

  5. I have merged the unit I am interested and saved the uml file. Now when i import it jus keeps saying loading filename.uml and nothing happens. Is it trying to access some references that dont exist?

    1. It looks performance problem. Please try it with 2.0.0-beta3 released yesterday. If you have further problems, please leave comments on our forum 🙂

  6. Is there any plan for support Ubuntu or Linux??

    1. We are considering to support Linux, but it’s hard to say when.

  7. Reading this post and comments, I think it is a missed opportunity to not go Open Source. If it was I would have been willing to donate. But being closed source is a step back in my opinion.
    You could have attracted much more developers, create a community and get a faster pace of development.
    I guess I will have to stick with another tool which is Open Source.
    Good luck with your development, I must admit the product looks good.

  8. I just knew that StarUML has reborn. I use this tool intensively when still in college then I switch to another tool. Now that I know StarUML 2 is here, I think I’ll be using it again 🙂

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