StarUML 3.1.0 Release

StarUML 3.1.0 is now available for download. This release includes the some additional features and fixed issues. Additional features are:

Template Binding

Template Binding element is supported with Template Parameter Substitution element. Theses elements allows you to express bound classes from template classes by substituting template parameters with actual values.


Custom Keymaps

Now you can change or add new key bindings for any commands (Menu Items) by just creating keymap.json file in the user configuration folder. For more about custom keymap, please check the documentation.

Custom Sequence Numbering

You can use custom sequence numbers of Messages in Sequence and Communication Diagrams instead of auto-generated integer sequence numbers. For more about custom sequence numbering, please check the documentation.

The detailed resolved issues can be found at Release Note.



New Extension: Rebel

Rebel extensions developed by Archetype Software are available in Extension Registry. This extension is an advanced Java code generator. It enables modeling and code generation for Java Persistence API/Hibernate, Spring, Spring Data and Jackson. Besides other features, it preserves your changes to the generated source code. For more information, please visit here ( Thanks to Archetype Software.

StarUML V3 (3.0.0) Release

We are so glad to announce StarUML V3 release. The new V3 changed underlying platform to electron. It brings a lot of advantages for new features, performance, stability and so forth. The new V3 has many features that you can take advantage of.

Multiple Windows

The previous version allow to edit only one file at the same time. Now V3 allows to popup multiple windows so that you can edit multiple files simultaneously.


Data Flow Diagram

Many users has been requested to support DFD (Data Flow Diagram) as one of diagram types. So it is now available in the new V3.


Auto Update

You don’t need to download and install manually any more. The new V3 supported auto update for Windows and macOS. (Auto update for Linux is not yet supported).

Light and dark themes

Now light theme is added, so you can choose one of dark or light theme for UI.


Copy diagram image to clipboard

Copying diagram image to clipboard is supported, so you can copy and paste diagram image easily into other applications like Word or PowerPoint without explicitly exporting diagram images.

Code signing for executables and installers

In many reasons, we couldn’t provide code signing in the previous version. Now we’re ready to provide signed executables and installers for Windows and macOS from the new V3. No more unsigned warnings.

API enhancement

Because we changed underlying platform to electron, so APIs for extensions are changed in many parts. It causes that extensions for V2 will not work in the new V3 and they are required to be updated with V3 APIs. APIs for V3 are much more easier and simpler powered with electron’s APIs and ECMAScript 6 support.

Hope you enjoy and satisfies with the new StarUML V3. Thank you.